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Project Description
Fixes leaking handles on the Acer 1420p laptop given out at PDC09.

Full details available at my blog.

The Acer 1420p laptop contains an accelerometer which is used to rotate the screen in tablet mode based on the machine's orientation. In the newest version of this driver available from Acer's support site (, the application which handles this is named SDTabletPC.exe and is run at startup. Unfortunately, this application contains a very serious bug which causes it to allocate roughly 10 file handles per second which are never released. This causes these handles to leak and over time will consume all system resources causing extreme instability.

The Fix
SDTabletPCFix, this application, runs at startup along-side the original SDTabletPC application. Every 5 seconds it polls the SDTabletPC.exe process for its open handles and forcefully closes them, preventing the handle leakage.

You must be running the v1.00.00.16 version of the driver from Acer's site:

STMicro Other Drivers (Driver G sensor)

If you are running an older or newer version, I can't guarantee this will work.

Run the included "SDTabletPCFixSetup.msi" file AS AN ADMINISTRATOR This will copy the SDTabletPCFix.exe file into a directory and add SDTabletPCFix.exe to the HKEYLOCALMACHINE "Run" registry key.

NOTE: If you are running the original PDC image, be sure to check for the following registry key and if it exists, remove it:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, SDTablet = Rundll32 %SystemRoot%\System32\SDTablet.dll,MainThread

Please contact me at the email address / website listed above. Thanks!

A huge thanks to Greg Duncan for testing this app as I wrote it!

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